Webinar Review: Making sense of Post-covid Normal

What fun and what an honor to host a fireside chat with Professor Jose Luis Nueno of IESE Business School and Merkle CTO Matthew Mobley!  Plus we had a great audience: interactive and full of...

Q1 2021 Release Notes

Release Summary:

Privacy and security of your customers Personal Data is a guiding principle at Intent HQ. We put this at the heart of everything we do.

Making Sense of Post-Covid Normal

It has been a challenging year.  Frightening, sad, exhausting (especially for mothers of young children, like me), and yet interesting and often so inspiring. 

Q4 2020 Release Notes

Release Summary:

At Intent HQ, our customers trust us to work with millions of rows of customer data on a daily basis.

How dead is 3rd-Party Data?

It was expected to die.  Instead, it continues to grow. 

Personalization: Expectations vs. Reality

As a consumer, I love that I get recommended shows to watch on Netflix the moment I open my account. And 9 times out of 10, I would choose one of the first few options in the selection. Great. So...

Why consumer data privacy matters at Intent HQ

Data privacy is one of the ground-breaking issues of our age.  Life is a digital experience for most customers.  Big as it already is, the importance of customer data continues to grow.  We are...

The secret to long-lasting customer relationships? Find the human stories in your insights.

Every day Anthony gets home from work, prepares dinner, and settles down in front of the TV.

He flicks through channel after channel after channel—and finds, nothing. Some evenings, he gives up...

Q2 2020 Release Notes

Release Summary: