Telcos, it's time to reconnect with your customers.

There aren’t many other industries staring down a future as uncertain as telcos.

Q4 2019 Release Notes

Release Summary: 

Forrester Analyst Talks to Senior Execs about Practical AI applications for Customer Experience

Earlier this month, we invited Forrester Analyst, Brandon Purcell, to share his thoughts on practical AI applications in Customer Experience. The thought-provoking session included an interactive...

Winning Customer Loyalty - Understand Your Customer's Emotional Narrative First

The battle for an emotional connection is the newest frontier in the battle for customer experience.Humans are emotional decision makers. It is not a great challenge to most people’s intuition to...

Hyper-Personalisation: 8 things Telcos need to know about customers

The customer profile is a very valuable and widely used entity in the world of the telecoms. It is used in many activities from targeting offers to providing support to customers. Historically, a...

Why do you need a Digital Twin?

The FANG companies are winning the hearts of the customer, big time. All because they’re providing them with the best customer experience compared to other brands they interact with.

Forrester Analyst Talks to Senior Execs about Insights-Driven Businesses Winning Market Share with Customer Insight

Earlier this month, we invited Forrester Analyst, James McCormick, to share his insights on the Corporate Predators that have raised the bar in customer experience and the expectations consumers...

The Stickiest Brand in a Very Slippery World

Having worked in Marketing for over 25 years, much of it in relationship marketing and loyalty, I am not sure that many days have gone by where the words brand and sticky, or some synonym for...

The Great Competitive Paradox: Intent HQ hosts Think Tank for Telecoms CX Leaders

At IQPC’s recent CX Telecoms Exchange in London, Intent HQ hosted a Think Tank session tackling some of the key challenges faced by Telcos today.