The secret to long-lasting customer relationships? Find the human stories in your insights.

Every day Anthony gets home from work, prepares dinner, and settles down in front of the TV.

He flicks through channel after channel after channel—and finds, nothing. Some evenings, he gives up...

Q2 2020 Release Notes

Release Summary: 

Navigating CX for CSPs: a dialogue with Sheryl Kingstone

The Covid-19 pandemic was a driving force for businesses to innovate and pivot strategies. Telco and other service providers have long been viewed as utility companies by today’s consumers -...

Telecoms: GDPR privacy actions are trending up

By no means all of the regulatory action under GDPR has been accomplished through fines on organizations. It is expected that the EU legal consensus regarding privacy will strongly influence their...

3 practical strategies for Telcos to help customers through the Covid-19 crisis

Q1 2020 Release Notes

Telcos, it's time to reconnect with your customers.

Can Telcos beat the FANG companies at their own game?

The current situation with millions of people confined to home and eschewing physical meetings has highlighted the way that social media has captured our imagination. What’s most astounding about...

Q4 2019 Release Notes

Release Summary: 

Q4 2019 has seen the introduction of new key functionality in the Intent HQ platform, enabling new ways of triggering data processing and the creation of customer profiles. For...