Intent HQ is delighted to be a partner of Total Telecom Congress 2021. As well as being a sponsor and exhibitor at the event, we’ll also be participating in the conference schedule to highlight the...

Did someone say 'breach'?!

Hackers in pursuit of valuable customer data breach T-Mobile servers.

Q2 2021 Release Notes

Release Summary:

That was fast! Another quarter just breezed by.  So what have we been working on at Intent HQ?

Webinar Review: Making sense of Post-covid Normal

What fun and what an honor to host a fireside chat with Professor Jose Luis Nueno of IESE Business School and Merkle CTO Matthew Mobley!  Plus we had a great audience: interactive and full of...

Q1 2021 Release Notes

Release Summary:

Privacy and security of your customers Personal Data is a guiding principle at Intent HQ. We put this at the heart of everything we do.

Making Sense of Post-Covid Normal

It has been a challenging year.  Frightening, sad, exhausting (especially for mothers of young children, like me), and yet interesting and often so inspiring. 

Q4 2020 Release Notes

Release Summary:

At Intent HQ, our customers trust us to work with millions of rows of customer data on a daily basis.

How dead is 3rd-Party Data?

It was expected to die.  Instead, it continues to grow. 

Personalization: Expectations vs. Reality

As a consumer, I love that I get recommended shows to watch on Netflix the moment I open my account. And 9 times out of 10, I would choose one of the first few options in the selection. Great. So...