Product Release: We now accept data from public sources

We can now ingest data from public sources to further enrich your customer dataset

We recently announced the launch of our Collector Interface, which allows us to ingest private customer data from any source. We’re now excited to announce that this process has enabled us to accept data from any public source, for example, weather information, census data or public directories, which can be used to enrich private datasets with new intelligence.



Once we collect, transform and optimise data from a public source we use it in our data processing pipeline to connect with, and enrich, existing data present in our Immutable Data Store (IDS) . Establishing connections between private and public data allows us to gain more insight into your own customer dataset using our Topic Graph.

For our clients it means we’re able to provide an enhanced ‘interest fingerprint’ for each and every customer profile. We have found that the added intelligence proves highly effective when creating segments, running campaigns and providing a personalised customer experience and user journey.

For example: by linking telephone numbers from a customer call log to a public business directory we are able to obtain a web address for that business. Using our Topic Graph we can then extract additional topics of interests from that web address and add to a customer profile.



As well as enriching private data sources, public data can be used to verify our segmentation calculations.

We recently created a custom segment of ‘students’ for one of our large enterprise clients. Making use of our capability to accept data from public sources we decided to include data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) census.

Mapping ONS student data against that of our existing student segment enabled us to verify the assumptions we had – the topics and interests revealed from both student segments were very similar.

There are many ways that public data sources can enhance and strengthen the insight we provide from your private customer dataset – added context, enhanced segmentation or verification are just a few examples. So, if you’re interested in how we could help, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.


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