Goodbye Data Swamp, Hello Data Lake

Data lakes have been around for eight years, and while the original concept was promising, many of the lakes have unfortunately turned into data swamps. This has prompted criticism of the concept...

The 6 things that help us the most in developing software

Nowadays words like “agile”, “lean”, “scrum” or “kanban” have been abused so many times that some of its initial values or ideas have been lost. Many people think (and say) they are agile because...

BigData and CAP theorem in plain english

Are you a troubled developer because your boss heard about BigData and is asking you about it?

6 tips to succeed in our coding interviews

Here at Intent HQ we deal with code on a daily basis (is there any software engineering team who doesn’t?). So, when we are about to hire somebody, her ability to write code is probably the skill...

Scala Barcelona Meetup

On Thursday 29th October we had the pleasure to be speakers in the Scala Barcelona meetup. The group is very active and tries to schedule an event every two weeks to talk, discuss and enjoy coding...

Dr. Pucketlove - Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Parquet (partitioning)

Pucket is a Partitioning System For Parquet

» Parquet + Bucket = Pucket.

For Those About To Code (We Salute You)

Looking for a memorable and fun way to explore programming languages? "Nevermind" the rest, this technique rocks!

 As programmers, a large portion of our job is to stay aware of, research, and...

Data science, big data, machine learning and deep learning

Data science, big data, machine learning and deep learning - Buzzwords or true reality? Are scientists really able to predict what you have underneath your bedside table?

Process the whole Wikidata in 7minutes with your PC (and Akka Streams)

Here at Intent HQ we use Wikipedia and Wikidata as sources of data. They are very important to us because they both encode an enormous amount of information in several languages that we use to...