Customer Experience leaders converge for Forrester’s 10th annual CX NYC event

This week we were in New York to attend Forrester’s CX NYC, the 10th running of the event, with around 1300 business leaders converging to hear success stories and challenges with all things...

CEO Jonathan Lakin on Realising The Extraordinary Latent Value In Your Data Assets

CEO Jonathan Lakin is interviewed by Durtti, a platform for the Artificial Intelligence Group on Linkedin.

AI-driven Customer Intelligence - the key to unlocking Customer First

New artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques will help telecoms businesses make transformative changes to customers' experiences of their brand. There is a new opportunity to become...

Think not what AI can do for Telcos, but what Telcos can do for AI

It seems unlikely that telcos are a rich breeding ground for the next set of breakthroughs in AI, but they are, they just don’t know it.

Operator analytics are like email - without the send button

You’ve crafted the email, the tone is right, the grammar correct. But whoa, no send button? Get the idea – your email is all but useless since i) there’s is no connection to the recipient(s) and...

Data Monetisation & Personalisation - Let’s Get Real

This is the dream: you put vast troves of data to work, accurately predicting each customer’s wants and desires, creating individually tailored marketing, sales, and service. You solve problems...

The future of marketing is interest-based


 If attention is the new currency, there simply isn’t enough of it to go around. Click-through rates are in the gutter, adblock use is growing, free reach...

How to build human-like customer profiles


Many customer actions leave a digital imprint  a sort of data exhaust. Content consumption produces weblogs, purchases make transaction records, and smartphones...

Telcos - Take the Fast Track to Enriched Customer Insight

These days, the main discernible difference between two telco brands is often the way they treat their customers.