Q2 2021 Release Notes

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That was fast! Another quarter just breezed by.  So what have we been working on at Intent HQ?

Q1 2021 Release Notes

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Privacy and security of your customers Personal Data is a guiding principle at Intent HQ. We put this at the heart of everything we do.

Q4 2020 Release Notes

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At Intent HQ, our customers trust us to work with millions of rows of customer data on a daily basis.

The secret to long-lasting customer relationships? Find the human stories in your insights.

Every day Anthony gets home from work, prepares dinner, and settles down in front of the TV.

He flicks through channel after channel after channel—and finds, nothing. Some evenings, he gives up and...

Q2 2020 Release Notes

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Q1 2020 Release Notes

Q4 2019 Release Notes

Release Summary: 

Q4 2019 has seen the introduction of new key functionality in the Intent HQ platform, enabling new ways of triggering data processing and the creation of customer profiles. For the...

Hyper-Personalisation: 8 things Telcos need to know about customers

The customer profile is a very valuable and widely used entity in the world of the telecoms. It is used in many activities from targeting offers to providing support to customers. Historically, a...

Goodbye Data Swamp, Hello Data Lake

Data lakes have been around for eight years, and while the original concept was promising, many of the lakes have unfortunately turned into data swamps. This has prompted criticism of the concept...